Bow Street Beverage
Wholesale Services

Bow Street Beverage is committed to providing customized services to best meet the changing needs of our customers. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Minimum of Weekly Deliveries to ALL markets in the State with no delivery or fuel surcharge.
  • Multiple Deliveries per Week to Accounts.
  • Custom Order Sheets

Payment Options

We offer four payment options to make getting your deliveries easier. Look below to find out more.

We will accept a check for any delivery.

We will accept cash for any delivery.

Electronic Funds Transfer:
Or EFT will work just like a direct deposit. We will be granted access to directly take our payments for your invoices from a chosen bank account. This offers all the convenience of Escrow without the need to tie up large sums of money by prepaying for the month.
Download a printable EFT Authorization form.

With this payment option you would give us a predetermined sum of money, which we would then hold in a bank account for you and put towards your invoices until that sum is gone. Generally the sum will cover at least a one month period and then be replenished before it runs out so as to avoid interruption in your escrow payments on invoices. This method allows you to write one check a month instead of having to sit and write a check for every delivery.

Well and Profit Watch

We offer two unique ways to help you control your cost. 

Well Watch:
Is an exclusive no charge service. Our computerized well watch system will automatically send you the best cost per ounce liter or 750ml sized bottle of a type of spirit simply by you requesting “well” while ordering it (i.e. well vodka, well rum, etc.). This system helps you maintain the lowest possible cost on your well drinks based on monthly specials and discounts. It will track sale pricing as well as quarterly price changes and make sure you are getting the lowest cost per ounce without you having to sort through sheets of sales and price changes. Well Watch allows for the flexibility to only “watch” those well items that you want; while keeping any brands you choose. If you do not want the lowest cost item please order by specific brand. 

Profit Watch:
Is a voluntary, no charge service that automatically provides you with the lowest cost per ounce on any product you order based on smallest size. When a Profit Watch customer orders any product, our computer will check the cost per ounce of that exact same product in smaller available sizes. We will ship the lowest cost item in whichever size has a lower cost per ounce in a like ordered quantity. You will see a significant savings in your first year by using our program to constantly buy at the best possible price by taking advantage of monthly specials and size discounts. We offer two levels of Profit Watch based on your specific needs:

  • Level I- Profit Watch: Automatically switch between 1 liter and 750ml bottles based on lowest cost per ounce.
  • Level IIProfit Watch To save even more money, some customers choose to switch between the 1.75l, 1 liter, and 750ml bottles to always procure the best price.

Bottom line…you order the largest size that fits your needs and this program switches to a smaller size when the product is at a lower cost per ounce. 

Customized Reporting

We offer a vast array of reporting to help you manage your costs. Below are some of the reports that we can offer to you.

Custom Order Sheets:
Our order sheets are created to fit your individual needs. These custom sheets will list only the items you stock. It will also inform you of each item’s current cost and whether it is on special in the current month and the next month. Quarterly price updates included.

VIP Buying Reports:
This report is available monthly and bridges low cost spirits from month to month. It compares the products you sell to the products on sale, and creates a recommendation. It is run on a regular basis and shows what you can save with smart buying.

Velocity Reports:
Velocity reports are run on a monthly basis. Each category (i.e. vodka, gin, rum, etc.) is broken down in exact numbers for movement, average cost per ounce, and so on.

By Size Savings Analysis:
Analyzes and identifies the best cost size to be in, and how much money those sizes save you.

Pick and choose which reports and order sheets you would like emailed to any number of email addresses.  All files are sent in “PDF” format.  Our order sheets are also available in Microsoft EXCEL.